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Facebook rolls out CRM like leads management tool

In yet another step to make SMEs manage business enquiries easier, Facebook has rolled out Leads Center.

Leads center is a CRM lite which makes leads management easy for a business with 2-3 employees managing enquiries. With leads center, you can move leads from ToFu (Top Funnel) to BoFu (Bottom Funnel) through MoFu (Middle Funnel).

Snapshot shows your leads count and total leads within each stage of the funnel. Further, it shows leads creation date, name, email, phone, stage and source. Source is the Facebook page which is associated while creating lead generation campaign.

Lead Details

You can create and add label to each of the leads based on your requirement. Assigning lead is important and mandatory. You can later set reminder to follow up on the leads. Additional notes are the summary of customer. You can also check leads form at the bottom to validate which lead form was tagged to a specific lead generation campaign.

Leads funnel

Leads funnel help you to move your customer from awareness to action in AIDA model of customer acquisition journey. Objective for any lead received is to move it down from top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel.

Stages in the middle funnel can further be customized to suit your marketing strategy. In-progress can be marketing qualified leads and Interested can be sales qualified leads.

Leads Funnel Management
Create your custom funnel stages within ToFu, MoFu and BoFu

Final remarks

Though this leads center feature is useful, it has two main limitations:

  1. It is only applicable for leads generation campaign objective within Facebook ads

  2. Leads of Facebook leads forms expire after 90 days. So you need to download this sheet frequently before your leads expire.

Who can use this:

Any business which has 2-3 employees

Relies mainly on Facebook lead generation campaign

Doesn't use any other CRM tools

Those who have used Zoho, Hubspot, Freshdesk or any other CRM will not find this helpful. Hence, I have termed this as a CRM lite. However, those who rely heavily on only Facebook lead generation campaign, this is going to be of immense help to improve their conversion rate.

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